The Dinky Little Cake - Black (8-12 people)


Unless stated, cheeses are not whole regardless of weight & image

This little beauty of a cheesecake is huge on flavour and a real show stopper to crown your party.

From top to bottom

  • Capricorn Goat: Crumbly nutty loveliness, with a touch of salt, this cheese is a wonder of freshness.

  • Black Bomber: Powerful but mellow, it is slightly sweet with a hint of caramel and has a creamy texture.

  • Perl Las: A gorgeous golden blue with a strong lingering flavour, oodles of delicate cream and just a touch of salt and spice.

  • Normandy Camembert: This classic crowd pleaser is rich and velvety, with a strong tangy cream and edge of salt.

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